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On Point Speaking trains professionals to speak in any situation with confidence and ease.  With many of our clients, we’ve found that it’s not their lack of experience, expertise or effort that is getting in their way of their success – it’s the ineffectiveness of their communication that is holding them back.

You need an approach to communication that:  

  • Gives you actionable tools, immediately. 
  • Allows you to command a room, both in-person and virtually. 
  • Will allow you to enjoy speaking in any situation. 
  • Effectively story tell to get the results you want. 

You need On Point Speaking.

We offer all the tools you need to perform better and gain confidence in your communication – in any situation. On Point Speaking’s approach is designed to allow you to utilize your voice and authentic self when communicating.  Whether you’re motivating your team or pitching to the board, you will get your point across efficiently, effortlessly, and confidently.  

It’s time to take your career into your own hands.  

Companies I have worked with:

“Vanessa does a great job guiding a lot of big personalities in a way that helps each individual but without the rest of the room becoming disengaged. I walked away from my time with Vanessa with a lot of practical advice, but also challenging the way I think. I have had a lot of positive feedback post-session, validating the worth of the time spent. Highly recommend.”
- Client from KeyBank
“It's been nearly two months since, and people still talk about how effective, informative, and honestly fun the session was under Vanessa's leadership. How often do you have a training that people are jealous that they didn't attend?! It has set the bar for the type of training that we want, and need more of, to truly capitalize on our growth mindset. She is a strong facilitator and brings a wealth of knowledge to the session; I can guarantee you won't leave a day with Vanessa without feeling the same way!”
- Client from Microsoft
“Vanessa has a natural ability to inspire confidence and motivate participants, while demonstrating superior communication skills. I enjoyed Vanessa’s sensitive and supporting coaching approach. Vanessa’s program is a must for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills”
- Consultant Client
"Thanks so much for your guidance, I not only was able to get through my brief but delivered my message loud and clear!"
- Client from Northrop Grumman
"This experience was truly impactful, and I had a chance to practice right away this morning. I felt so much more confident and aware. Thank you for that!"
- Client from Ecolab
“Had my review this morning and it went surprisingly well. My new manager expressed appreciation around self-awareness and steps I'd taken to improve in areas like communication.”
- Finance industry client
"You are a fantastic coach. I’m really looking forward to applying all I learned.”
- Client from 3M
"I can’t emphasize enough what an impact this coaching has made on how I am approaching my updates for leadership. I have given several presentations over the past two weeks. Twice already, I have received positive feedback on how I am presenting messages and people seeing that I am doing something differently. I’d like to think it is a coincidence…but I know better!! Such a testimony to how small changes, implemented diligently make such a huge difference!"
- Client from Medtronic
"I feel like I just learned how to ride a bike for the first time."
- Client from Moyer
" I feel much better about going in front of a room and knowing how to structure a presentation."
- Client from Altria
"I spent the weekend reflecting on how we present ourselves to the outside world, and how it is different than what we perceive. It made me think about other interactions outside of work with friends / family / strangers. Really interesting concept!"
- Client from 3M
" I found your instruction style superb and really enjoyed it… it was very clear that you are passionate about the topics you presented and I find that very motivating. I will have numerous opportunities within the next months to apply your methodologies and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do so. "
- Client from iHire
"I feel I made great progress with your help and now I have a plan going forward. I do believe communication is the most important of all leadership traits and maybe even it is a way to lead. Because of this I want to work on this deliberately and you gave me a lot to think about and hopefully to implement."
- Client from Medtronic
" I received some very positive feedback including from my boss and our CEO. I also had people asking me about my training. Of course, I pointed them to your website."
- Client from McKee
"My experience was enlightening and super insightful. It brought a lot of self-awareness and how to manage my fears/insecurities."
- Client from Para Los Ninos

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Perhaps you’re looking to advance your career. Maybe you were just promoted to a new position, or you’re simply looking to improve your communication skills