Private Coaching

The On Point Speaking 4-hour Complete Fundamentals

The 4-hour Complete Fundamentals course is designed to allow you to utilize your voice and authentic self when communicating. Whether you’re motivating your team or pitching to the board, you will get your point across efficiently, effortlessly and confidently.  This course is available in person or live online.

­­­­­What you will gain

  • A substantial shift in your ability to command a room and exhibit leadership presence.
  • A skill set that enables you to pivot your message for different audiences and changing situations.
  • Techniques to deal with anxiety, hostile questions, filler words, web meetings, and any other specific obstacles that are preventing you from presenting your best self.
  • Actionable tools that you can use immediately.

What to expect

  • Interview/ Skill Assessment.  This program is designed around YOU.  We will capitalize on your strengths and develop the areas you feel are missing or misfiring.
  • Learning The Point Method™.  This will give you a way to structure your ideas in preparation of (and stay focused during) a presentation.  This is not a script; rather, a map that is continually guiding you back to your point so you will know your message is being heard.
  • Immediate Results.  Most clients begin to see a difference in their interactions and communication after just one or two hours of OPS training.

Common questions For Private Coaching:

We recommend you start with the four-hour Complete Fundamental package, but each client has a different story to tell and we realize the importance of addressing your individual needs. For example, if you have an upcoming presentation and need feedback right away, it would be most beneficial to work with you on an hourly basis.

Absolutely. This is the reason the program is designed. It is just the right amount of time to bring you results and give you the tools you need to put them into action right away.

NOT four hours at once. Why? You won’t learn anything. We want to make the skills digestible. We will work one hour at a time and then I want you to have some “life” in between sessions. What skills are you applying? What are you starting to notice?  

After our initial phone consultation, we will schedule your first session.  At the end of every hour, we will schedule the next session.  

Not only will you be able to SEE your progress, others will notice it as well. Your colleagues. Your team. Your manager. Your board. Our ultimate goal is to bring you the best results by offering usable, actionable tools.  

We will always be a resource for you. We are THRILLED when clients stay in contact and share with us how our program has gotten them on the path to success and share their stories with us. More hourly coaching is available – we have found that our four-hour package can be a perfect fit for some clients, while others (depending on project) use it as a stepping stone to a longer-term partnership. We like to start with four hours because we know we can bring you results in that timeframe. 

Let's Get To Work.