Team Coaching

The On Point Speaking Team Programs

Don’t let the talent on your team go unheard or be misunderstood because of poor communication.

Make your internal meetings efficient, fast and impactful. Make your cross-functional messaging consistent and authentic. Make your presentations concise and powerful.

We offer two solutions depending on your needs:

Two-hour Express Program

Your Team will Gain:

  • A uniform system that will help your team convey its message with clarity to any audience across any platform.
  • The Point Method™ – a tested methodology that enables team members to organize their ideas and get the point across every time they speak.
  • Leadership presence both virtually and in-person.
  • Actionable tools they can use to get IMMEDIATE results.
Team Coaching

Customized Program

Sales teams, product launches, strategic accounts… team objectives are very specific. We will design an hourly program tailored to your team’s specific goals. Using real-time video feedback, your team will also learn:

  • All the objectives of the On Point Express Program.
  • How to manage tension and anxiety comfortably in any situation.
  • How to handle difficult feedback and hostile questions with ease.
  • How to effectively pitch a specific project to get the outcome you want.


Common questions For Team Coaching:

For the express program, you may have up to twelve people in a group. For the customized program there is no limit on group size. 

You can expect actionable tools they can use right away. You can expect more clarity when they present. You can expect EVERYONE to get to the point when they speak. 

Once we determine the right program for your team, we will work with your team’s schedule and our availability to create an environment where the team will be focused and be able to digest the skills. 

We are not a webinar. We are not a recording. You will work with an experienced coach that will give real-time feedback so you can see your progress right away. We also stay in touch with our clients. Every team that we train, participants of every team we train will have access to their coach for questions and complimentary follow-up training. 

The Point Method will help you organize your presentations, meetings, and conversations by helping you GET TO THE POINT every time you speak. Our program is not only effective, It is easy to use and you will be thrilled to see immediate results.  

Let's Get To Work.